6 Easy Ways To Lower Your Electric Bill In Arizona
Written by Brian B

How To Lower Electric Bill In Arizona

If you are looking for a few easy ways to lower your electric bill in Arizona, then you’ve come to the right place! Below is a list of six simple ways to save on your next electric bill. 

How To Lower Your Electric Bill

Here are six easy ways to save:

  1. Solar panel installation 
  2. Install tubular skylights
  3. Wi-Fi thermostats 
  4. Turn down air conditioner
  5. Load controllers
  6. Install a solar attic fan

1. Solar Panel Installation

This is THE best way to lower your electric bill. Solar panel installation has been proven to save home and business owners up to 75% on electricity. Installation of the solar panels, though, is costly, but federal and state tax credits can help ease the financial burden. 

2. Install Tubular Skylights

Another great way to lower your electric bill is by installing tubular skylights. Replacing any traditional skylights with tubular models will dramatically lower your bill, especially in Arizona. These skylights use natural light to brighten up your home or building.

Read more about tubular skylights right here. 

3. Wi-Fi Thermostats

Wi-Fi thermostats will help you control the temperature of your home no matter where you are. Simply use a mobile app or app on your computer to monitor and alter your home’s temperature. You’ll never have to worry about leaving the heater or air conditioner on again. 

4. Turn Down Air Conditioner

According to Alternative Energy, LLC, you can save 2-3% on your electric bill instantly by changing your thermostat to one degree warmer. Also make sure to change out your air conditioner filter at least once a month to keep the A/C working efficiently at all times. 

5. Load Controllers

Load controllers will control the amount of electricity that is used during high cost kilowatt hours. Load controllers will basically shut off your appliances during the most expensive moments of the day. You are able to manually adjust the controls if you wish to run the electricity during hours when it is normally shut off. 

6. Install A Solar Attic Fan

Solar attic fans are designed to circulate attic air, powered solely by the sun. Most heat that enters your home does so through the attic area. By installing a solar attic fan, you will be able to keep your home cooler and save money on electric bills. 

Read more about solar attic fans right here.

Other Ways To Lower Electric Bills

  • Keep window blinds, shutters or drapes closed during the daytime.
  • Don’t place appliances next to thermostat, the heat turns the unit on.
  • Turning your air conditioner down 1 degree save 2-3% on your electricity bill.
  • Set ceiling fans to blow down during the summer.
  • Instead of taking baths, take showers, it saves your hot water heater from having to run a lot.
  • Turning your water heater from 140° to 120° can lower your electric bill by $10 per month.
  • Use tubular skylights instead of traditional skylights.
  • Use Wi-Fi thermostats instead of traditional thermostats.
  • Don’t use your dryer to dry clothes, hang them up instead. Anything that uses heat, uses a lot of electricity.
  • Don’t use your dishwasher; Wash your dishes by hand to save money on electricity.
  • Turn off lights when you leave the room.
  • During the winter make sure your the damper in your fireplace is closed to prevent air from going up the chimney
  • Set your ceiling fan to auto so the fan won’t keep blowing after the AC is turned off. Using the auto setting vs the on setting can lower your electric bill by $15-$25 per month.
  • Use the fan in your bathroom to remove humidity and heat from your home after taking a bath or shower.
  • Wash clothes in cold water instead of hot water to save even more.
  • Replace lighting with energy efficient LED lighting.
  • Paint the walls in your home a lighter color. This will make light reflect better and lower need for more lighting.
  • Do not install a freezer or refrigerator in your garage. Operating a refrigerator in a hot garage can cost your up to $15-$20 per month.
  • Use outside grill instead of oven in the summer to reduce your home’s internal temperature.
  • Keep your oven door closed at all times during cooking. You lose from 25 to 50 degrees every time your open it.
  • Don’t let your oven preheat longer than it needs to.
  • Dry your dishes with the air and reduce the cost of using dishwasher electricity
  • Dry clothes consecutively to use up the residual heat left over from the previous load.
  • Make sure and clean your dryer’s lint filter for additional energy savings.
  • Don’t run your dishwasher if it is not a full load.
  • Make sure your fridge or freezer is set the manufacturers recommended temperature.
  • Stop leaving the outside light on after morning time.
  • Buy Energy Star appliances and electronics as these devices use most of the electricity in your home.

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