Roof Window Vs Skylight
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Roof Window Vs Skylight

If you are looking for the similarities and differences between skylights and roof windows, this article will help!

Roof Windows

A roof window allows natural light, increased ventilation and a view of clouds and stars into your home. Windows can be designed specifically to be a feature of the room. The greatest benefits of roof windows are they can be opened, customized and offer increased ventilation. In addition, these windows will offer a better view of the outdoors than any skylight will.


A skylight will open from the ceiling through the roof, allowing natural light to enter the home. This opening can be covered with a translucent and transparent material to release natural light into a room. If you are looking to maximize the amount of light in the home, installing skylights is the best way to go.

Roof Window Benefits

  • Increased ventilation
  • Great outdoor view
  • Great source of sunlight in the home
  • Ease of installation
  • Good air flow
  • Can be opened from the inside
  • Can add to home’s value

Tubular Skylights Pros

  • Save money on electricity
  • Natural source of daylight without any added heat or glare
  • Generally no repairs or maintenance needed
  • Won’t fade furniture or clothing
  • Save on installation costs compared to traditional skylights
  • Eligible to receive federal tax credits which will lower installation costs
  • No loss of cooling or heating energy
  • Leak and damage proof design
  • Will not build water condensation over time
  • Built for extreme Arizona conditions and temperatures
  • Preferred upgrade for realtors – will add to your home’s value

Skylight Installation In The East Valley

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