Skylight Ideas
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Best Skylight Ideas For Your Home

A skylight will open from the ceiling through the roof, allowing natural light to enter the home. This opening can be covered with a translucent and transparent material to release natural light into a room. If you are looking to maximize the amount of light in the home, installing skylights is the best way to go. Here are some of the best skylight ideas for your home:

Curb-Mounted Skylight

With a curb-mounted skylight, the remaining design of your home can be limitless. This skylight design can work in a bedroom, living room or even a private study. Putting a skylight right above your work space has been proven to boost productivity. At night, you’ll be able to star gaze with ease.

Ventilation Skylight

A bathroom without any windows can feel cramped, cold and dark. It can also feature poor air circulation. A skylight is perfect for your bathroom because no outsiders will be able to see the area. A skylight strategically placed directly above the bathtub can create an even more relaxing environment.

Hallway Skylight

Perhaps you are not sure which area of your home to install a skylight. You worry that it may make your bedroom too bright or bathroom too revealing. More and more homeowners are choosing to install skylights in hallways. Skylights in hallways can give your home a sort of gallery-esque feel.

Hallway Skylight

Double Skylight

What is better than one skylight? Two skylights, of course! If you are looking for bright lighting for a bedroom or even a kitchen, a double skylight can provide endless sunlight. A double skylight will truly open up and brighten any space. 

Sloped Window 

Although, this is not technically considered a skylight, these floor-to-ceiling windows will maximize sunlight. These windows work well as part of patios and other living spaces throughout the home.

How Much Do Skylights Cost?

On average, tubular skylights will cost $450+ in the U.S. in 2021. Vented skylights, meanwhile, will cost upwards of $750, according to Thumbtack. Tubular skylights are typically 10 to 14-inch diameter tubes that are installed directly into a roof. Then, the lights are covered with glass or even plexiglass which lets natural light into your home. These skylights have the exact same illuminating effect of a few 100-watt light bulbs. They are capable of lighting a 200-square-foot room.

To soften any glare, these tubes will have a diffuser in one end. However, because you’ll have a tube stuck in your roof, there will not be a view provided, unlike fixed or vented skylights. Fixed skylights vary widely in price, costing anywhere from $150-$1,000. A fixed double-domed skylight starts at $450+.


Skylight Installation In The East Valley

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