Tubular Skylights Pros And Cons
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Tubular Skylights Pros And Cons

If you are searching online for “tubular skylights pros and cons,” then you’ve come to the right place! This article will help you decide if tubular skylights/solar tubes are a good investment for your commercial or residential property.

Tubular Skylights Pros

  • Save money on electricity
  • Natural source of daylight without any added heat or glare
  • Generally no repairs or maintenance needed
  • Won’t fade furniture or clothing
  • Save on installation costs compared to traditional skylights
  • Eligible to receive federal tax credits which will lower installation costs
  • No loss of cooling or heating energy
  • Leak and damage proof design
  • Will not build water condensation over time
  • Built for extreme Arizona conditions and temperatures
  • Preferred upgrade for realtors – will add to your home’s value

Tubular Skylight Cons

  • These lights do not offer a direct look at the sky
  • Cannot be opened like traditional skylights
  • Cannot block out light without dimmer kit installed
  • Damaged flashing can lead to roof leaks

Tubular skylights provide natural sunlight in your home by allowing the light to travel through a solar tube. These skylights will require little to no maintenance due to the durable build. Tubular skylights increase the amount of light collected while filtering out harmful UV rays at the same time. UV rays can fade your clothing or furniture over time.

Still weighing the pros and cons of tubular skylights? Find more information right here.

Traditional Skylights Vs Tubular Skylights

Traditional skylights differ from tubular skylights in the sense that these are simply windows that allow light to pass through. These are simply sheets of glass that open and close on top of your roof.

Traditional Skylight Pros

  • Can be manually opened and closed
  • Allow natural daylight into the home
  • Can be left open or closed
  • Allows for daylight and privacy at the same time

Traditional Skylight Cons

  • Sunlight enters the home unfiltered
  • Installation costs are more due to framing and roof work needed
  • Causes sun glare
  • Added heat brought into the home
  • Can waste cooling and heating energy
  • Susceptible to leaks and other damage

Tubular Skylights & Solar Attic Fan Installation In The East Valley

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