Sun Tunnel Vs Skylight
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Sun Tunnel Vs Skylight

Skylights and sun tunnels definitely share some similarities, including lowering your energy bills. So, what are the differences between these two lighting options?

Skylights Vs Sun Tunnels Differences

While sun tunnels and skylights do have a lot of similarities, there are several differences that you should know about before installing either option. For example, a sun tunnel can be installed in areas that a skylight can’t, such as a closet or small hallway. This is due to the sun tunnels being much smaller. 

Skylights, meanwhile, are much larger and can come in different shapes like oval, diamond or square. Skylights can also open, unlike sun tunnels. These skylight models can be opened by either a manual crank or an electric rail system. 

Skylight Vs Sun Tunnel Cost

A new skylight will cost between $1700-$3,700, according to Velux. The price range depends on whether you choose a fresh-air model or a fixed skylight. House Logic says a new sun tunnel comes with a lower price tag, ranging from $500-$1,000.

Skylight Pros

  • Best direct view of the sky.
  • Can be opened, if needed.
  • Adds natural light to the home.
  • Save money on energy use.

Skylight Cons

  • Increased heat gain.
  • Can fade fabrics or clothing.
  • More expensive to install and maintain.
  • Leaks can occur due to improper installation.

Sun Tunnel Pros

  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Quick installation process.
  • No loss of cooling or heating energy.
  • Designed to prevent leaks. 

Sun Tunnel Cons

  • Cannot be opened.
  • No visual of the sky.
  • Not all models can handle extreme temperatures.
  • Light cannot be blocked.

Is A Sun Tunnel Or Skylight Easier To Install?

In most cases, a sun tunnel is easier to install simply because skylights are much larger. Skylights will require a longer installation process compared to sun tunnels. A sun tunnel may only require one or two people for the installation.

The project will call for a contractor to create a hole from your roof to ceiling, then fit the tube down into the hole. This is followed by the installation of an acrylic dome and a light diffuser. A skylight calls for more labor and construction.

Does A Sun Tunnel Or Skylight Let More Light In?

Skylights are mounted directly to your roof’s decking, so it acts just like a window. Therefore, skylights do allow more natural light into the home than sun tunnels. 

Skylight Installation In Phoenix

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