Why Go Solar In Arizona
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Why Go Solar In Arizona?

Are you looking for a list of reasons why you should go solar in the state of Arizona? We’re here to help!

Reasons To Go Solar In Arizona

Here are some of the best reasons why you should invest in solar power for your business or home:

  • Lock In Utility Costs For The Next 25 Years.
  • Arizona Has The Most Sunny Days In The U.S.
  • Federal Tax Credit.
  • Good For The Environment.
  • No Maintenance Requirements.
  • Arizona Has The Sunniest Cities In The U.S.
  • Solar Is Fastest Growing Renewable Energy Source In The World. 

Lock In Utility Costs For Next 25 Years

Solar panel installation gives you the ability to lock in your utility costs for the next quarter of a century. Utility rates continue to climb with no end in sight – unless you invest in solar power. Take away the certainty of rising utility costs for the next 25 years.

Arizona Has The Most Sunny Days In The U.S.

Arizonans experience the most sunny days in the U.S., according to BestPlaces. The 299 days of sunlight experienced in Arizona is more than any other state in the country. Yes, that includes the sunshine state of Florida. Other energy sources, such as gas and oil, are finite so solar power clearly has its advantages in the valley of the sun.

Federal Tax Credit

The federal government is currently offering tax credits for any homeowner opting to go solar. Over the years, the credits have been worth between 26-30%. The offerings do change annually, though. The experts believe homeowners, specifically, can save nearly $25,000 over the next 25 years with the use of solar power. 

Good For The Environment

This is the first and most obvious benefit for home and business owners. Going solar means you will no longer generate waste. Plus, with zero maintenance requirements, these solar systems last much longer than other energy-production systems. Solar panels, specifically, are extremely durable with the ability to handle any inclement weather conditions. 

No Maintenance Requirements 

Solar energy requires no outside energy source, which allows energy costs and maintenance requirements to be nearly non-existent. Essentially, the cost of installation is one of two costs associated with a solar system throughout its lifespan. As previously mentioned, there are several ways to lower the cost of installation, as well.

Arizona Has The Sunniest Cities In The U.S.

With Arizona receiving the most sunlight in the country, it’s no surprise that any city in the valley is not immune. A recent study found that the following Arizona cities get the most sunlight in the country: Phoenix, Tucson and Yuma. So, no matter where you are in the valley, you will see plenty of sun. 

Solar Is Fastest Growing Renewable Energy Source In The World

The use of solar power is growing faster than even the experts had expected. In fact, it took nearly 40 years to get one million solar systems installed and only another two years for an additional million installations, according to RavenSolar. The experts believe there will be four million solar systems being utilized by the year 2023. It’s time to join the masses by changing the world, one home installation at a time.

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