How To Remove A Skylight
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How To Remove A Skylight

Just like windows, skylights will not last forever. There will come a day when you wish to remove and/or replace your old skylight. This is a guide on how to properly remove a skylight. 

Step 1

  • Locate the edge of the shingles that surround the bottom of the skylight.
  • Lift the shingles up.
  • Tack a 4-foot long part of a 2-by-4 where the shingles lay on the roofing with a hammer and nails.
  • Use the board as a brace for your feet while performing the removal. 

Step 2

  • Immediately remove all shingles surrounding the skylight.
  • Try to slip a putty knife between the shingles you are removing and the ones they may overlap.
  • Use the claw of a flat pry bar to lift the roofing nails securing the shingles

Step 3

  • Locate any brackets that are securing the skylight to the roof.
  • Use the pry bar to pry the brackets away from the roof.
  • Pry with care to avoid any potential roofing damage.
  • Skylights will rise upwards when you pry the brackets.
  • If there are no brackets, put the pry bar at the bottom frame of the skylight and roof, then pry upwards.

Step 4

  • Remove the skylight away from the roof opening.

Tools Needed For Removing Skylight

  • Flat pry bar.
  • Roof bracket.
  • Staging plank.
  • Fall protection harness.
  • Utility knife.
  • Power drill or screwdriver. 

How Long Do Skylights Last?

On average, skylights will last anywhere from 8-15 years, according to Plasteco. Depending on overall quality of the skylight and installation, the lifespan can either decrease or increase. Here are two of the best ways to maximize the life expectancy of your skylights:

Perform Maintenance When Necessary: A tubular skylight will require some maintenance needs throughout its life. While it is not necessary to clean the light daily or even weekly, it’s important to watch out for any signs of damage over the years. Maintenance will generally involve cleaning the light on both sides.

Perform tasks to avoid any potential cracks or leaks from the skylight, as well. In most cases, it is the lack of maintenance upkeep that ends up shortening a skylight’s lifespan. Call the professionals for any maintenance needs!

Position The Skylight Properly: A skylight should ideally produce/allow a sufficient amount of sunlight through the transparent panes. Placing the skylight in the best spot possible in your home will enhance interior illumination and improve the aesthetics of the area, of course.

When installing the skylight, put it in a spot to maximize the light reception. If you wish for the highest light intensity possible, then position the light to the south. A north-facing position will offer more of a softer light in the home. 


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