Do Solar Attic Fans Work
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Do Solar Attic Fans Work

If your home currently has an upstairs room that gets uncomfortably hot during the Arizona summers, adding a solar attic fan could be the solution. If you are searching for “do solar attic fans work” or “are solar attic fans worth it“, this article is here to help. 

How Does A Solar Attic Fan Work?

How exactly does a solar fan work to circulate your attic’s air? These fans work by efficiently pulling in cold air from the soffits. Then, the fans will push any hot air found below the fan outwards. Essentially, this motion mimics the way hot air moves naturally. Warm air always stays on top, while the cold air rests at the bottom. Attic fans are there to aid the movement and circulation of air within your home or commercial property.

Solar fans will provide a constant and efficient air flow daily throughout the attic. Stale, warm air will be vented outwards to give the area more cool air. Experts refer to this process as the “air exchange.” It may seem normal for your attic to be the warmest area of your home, but the experts say this room should never be 10-25 degrees above the outside temperature. A properly ventilated attic will undoubtedly reduce your energy costs.

Warm air will rise from the inside of the home during the colder seasons. This air will eventually collide with cooler air near the roof. Solar fans are there to prevent air from simply condensing on the surface, keeping the attic area dry. This is usually not a concern in a place like Arizona. 

Why Install A Solar Attic Fan?

So, why should you install a solar attic fan for your home? Here are the two biggest reasons why homeowners are choosing to go solar. 

Saves Money

Energy Star-rated solar fans qualify for a federal tax credit, equating to 30 percent of the purchase and installation costs. Typically, a fan will cost anywhere from $300-$600, not including installation. If your house measures more than 1,600 square feet, installing three fans is recommended. Homeowners will undoubtedly enjoy monthly savings after installation. 

Solar Is Safer

Safety and effectiveness of solar attic fans are heavily debated throughout the industry. Studies do show, however, that line-powered fans will often cost more to operate than they generate in savings. Line-powered fans have also been shown to create negative pressure zones, resulting in pulling gases from combustion appliances back to the house. This, unfortunately, includes carbon monoxide. Another benefit is that solar attic fans don’t cost anything after installation. 

Solar Attic Fan Benefits

Here are the advantages of having solar attic fans:

Run On Solar Energy

Because these fans are powered by the sun, they are considerably cheaper than most conventional fans. This means you will need no extra electricity from your home or business to power up these fans. Saving on electricity costs and helping the environment are just two reasons why solar attic fans are rising in popularity. 

Cools Down Attic Area

Another pro in the solar attic fan checklist is the fact that these will cool down your attic area, considerably. Cooling down the attic will then translate to keeping the entire home cool. The more hot air that is kept out of the attic – the more hot air that is kept out of the home in general. Solar attic fans are also known for keeping the attic space clear of any harmful dust or dirt. Keeping your home’s temperature low will help you save money on future cooling costs.

Less Expensive Than Full Ventilation Systems

Solar attic fans are typically less expensive and easier to install than full ventilation systems. These solar attic fans require less time and a much less invasive installation process.

How Much Does Solar Attic Fan Installation Cost?

On average, solar attic fan installation costs $675, with prices ranging from $575-$775. Wall mounted solar attic fans will cost about $650 for installation. The price range with those fans runs from $550-$770. Gable mounted fans, meanwhile, cost an average of $245 for installation.

Solar Attic Fan Installation In Arizona


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