How Long Do Skylights Last
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How Long Do Skylights Last

On average, skylights will last anywhere from 8-15 years, according to Plasteco. Depending on overall quality of the skylight and installation, the lifespan can either decrease or increase. 

Maximizing The Life Expectancy Of Skylight

Here are two of the best ways to maximize the life expectancy of your skylights:

Perform Maintenance When Necessary

A tubular skylight will require some maintenance needs throughout its life. While it is not necessary to clean the light daily or even weekly, it’s important to watch out for any signs of damage over the years. Maintenance will generally involve cleaning the light on both sides. Perform tasks to avoid any potential cracks or leaks from the skylight, as well. In most cases, it is the lack of maintenance upkeep that ends up shortening a skylight’s lifespan. Call the professionals for any maintenance needs!

Position The Skylight Properly 

A skylight should ideally produce/allow a sufficient amount of sunlight through the transparent panes. Placing the skylight in the best spot possible in your home will enhance interior illumination and improve the aesthetics of the area, of course. When installing the skylight, put it in a spot to maximize the light reception. If you wish for the highest light intensity possible, then position the light to the south. A north-facing position will offer more of a softer light in the home. 

What Causes Damage To Skylights?

A couple of factors will cause damage to your skylights, including:

Poor Installation

Improper installation is the biggest reason why skylights fail. Most poor installations will lead to leaks and cracks. If the skylight is not in an ideal position or not sealed properly, it cannot provide its desired outcome. To avoid any installation miscues, it is suggested to have a professional install the skylight.

Faulty Repairs

Again, avoid mistakes by opting for professional repairs. Making this your latest DIY project can lead to issues. A leak or crack requires professional care.

Tubular Skylights Pros And Cons

Tubular Skylight Pros

  • Save money on electricity
  • Natural source of daylight without any added heat or glare
  • Generally no repairs or maintenance needed
  • Won’t fade furniture or clothing
  • Save on installation costs compared to traditional skylights
  • Eligible to receive federal tax credits which will lower installation costs
  • No loss of cooling or heating energy
  • Leak and damage proof design
  • Will not build water condensation over time
  • Built for extreme Arizona conditions and temperatures
  • Preferred upgrade for realtors – will add to your home’s value

Tubular Skylight Cons

  • These lights do not offer a direct look at the sky
  • Cannot be opened like traditional skylights
  • Cannot block out light without dimmer kit installed
  • Damaged flashing can lead to roof leaks

Skylight Installation In Arizona

Elite Home Daylighting Systems offers tubular skylights and solar attic fan installation services to the entire Phoenix east valley. Service area includes Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe & more! Contact us for a free quote today!  

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