Solar Tube Installation Cost
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Solar Tube Installation Cost

On average, solar tube installation costs $800 per tube, with prices ranging from $600-$1,000. Some homeowners may need to pay extra for adapters if the roofing is made of any material other than asphalt. 

Average Solar Tube Installation Costs

Solar tubing will always be priced by diameter size. While pricing will vary based upon manufacturer, home and business owners should expect to pay the following:

  • 10-inch solar tubing: $150-$300
  • 14-inch solar tubing: $400-$550
  • 18-inch solar tubing: $600-$750
  • 19-inch solar tubing: $800+

Solar Tube Installation Cost Factors

There are a few main factors that can either increase or decrease your total expenses. One factor is the number of tubes being installed. Contractors will typically charge per tube instead of hourly work.

Roof Type

Solar tubes are designed specifically for asphalt roofing. This means if your roof is constructed of metal, tile or wood, you’ll need to use a flashing adapter to help prevent any roofing damage. Adapters combined with labor should cost between $70-$150.


The contractor may suggest taking steps to reduce condensation on the interior of the tube if you live in an especially humid climate. Insulation will usually cost $0.90 per square foot, plus an extra $50-$100 for service. 

Rafter Spacing

Standard rafters are spaced 16 inches on the center. If this is not the case at your home, you’ll need to have 21-inch tubes custom made. Expect to pay between $900-$1,000 per tube.

Solar Tube Installation Labor Costs

Typical labor costs for solar tube installation will range from $150-$250 per tube. Of course, you can expect costs to be higher if your roof requires an adapter. Add on an additional $50-$100 in this case. The installation costs will cover tracing the tube, fitting roof flashing, attaching tube extensions, cutting holes in the roof and attaching the light diffuser. 

Labor Cost

DIY Vs Hire A Solar Tube Installation Professional

Installing solar tubing is a manageable DIY project, but homeowners shouldn’t be deceived by how easy the process appears. You will need to have experience cutting into both your roof and ceiling. There is always the risk for water damage to destroy the roofing if the tube is not properly installed. Improper installation by a homeowner can void the roof’s manufacturing warranty. 

Where To Install Solar Tubes 

These are few common areas where solar tubes are installed in homes:

The only places you do not want to install solar tubes would be above a screen. Installing these directly above a television or computer will cause a noticeable glare. 

Should I Get Solar Tubes?

Homeowners choose to invest in solar tubes because they can help lower your electric bill instantly. Because of installation not requiring alterations to the home, there are seemingly no limitations when it comes to the location of these tubes inside a home. First, look around your attic for to make sure there is enough room to run a light tube. Any obstructions will need to be moved prior to installation. 

Solar Tube Installation In The East Valley

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